Actors and singers often marry or marry people from their own circle because of the high workload. Some artists marry colleagues on principle, because they are afraid of mercantile interests on the part of their other half. We represent public people who abandoned the second actor / singer in the family and did not regret it.

Matt Damon married Luciana Barroso, who had worked as a waitress in Argentina for many years before meeting him. Luciana served several times at parties organized for film crews. During one of such events, the actor noticed her. The lovers have been married since 2005 and have four daughters, including daughter Luciana from a previous marriage.

Comedian Vince Vaughn traded Jennifer Aniston for real estate agent Kayla Weber. Vaughn himself later said that he was fascinated by Kayla, and believes that it was she who gave meaning to his life. “I only regret not having met her earlier,” Vince says of his fateful meeting with Weber. In 2010, Vince and Kayla got married and are already raising two children.

The performer of the role of Mr. Big from the TV series “Sex and the City” Chris Noth, like Matt Damon, married a waitress. Noth met Tara Wilson when he was 46 and she was only 19. Tara worked in a bar owned by Chris. The 27-year age difference did not stop the couple from starting a family. True, Noth called the girl in marriage only after 11 years of relationship.

Alec Baldwin married yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas. The actor could not pass by the charming girl with a wide smile. The 6-year age difference did not bother the future lovers at all. Baldwin and Thomas got married after a year of the flower-bouquet period. They have six children.

Jeff Bridges has long courted Susan Geston. The food delivery woman did not agree to mess with the Hollywood handsome in any way, but after a while she gave up and moved to his house in Malibu. After three years of relationship, Susan wanted children and set a condition for her boyfriend: get married or break up. It was then that Jeff realized that he was afraid of losing his love, and hastened to propose. The couple have three daughters.

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