On the verge of divorce, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have reunited after rumors of divorce. The other day, the rapper presented the audience with a new album, in which, with the help of one of the songs, West begged his spouse to return to him. At the same time, the press started talking about revenge from Irina Shayk: a few hours later, the model lit up in the arms of her close friend at a social party.

Kardashian could not miss an important moment for her husband, so she appeared at the presentation at the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta. Kim went out to the public in full dress: especially for this event, the celebrity nude in a black tight-fitting suit, and pulled a balaclava over her face. On an important day for the father of her own children, Kim brought all the heirs.

On the web, love and support in this family was admired.

“After so many scandals, she comes to him,” “Why get divorced when there is still love?”, “They are still a good couple,” they supported the spouses in social networks.

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