The lawyer believes that James Spears decided to sue his daughter is not easy so.

Britney Spears, after being released from custody, tells fans in detail about the last 13 years of her life. According to the singer, her father forcibly forced her into debilitating therapy, established total control over her and did not allow her to manage her life.

These revelations pissed off James Spears. Now the singer’s father wants to sue his daughter for libel. However, lawyer Alexander Ostrovsky doubts that the man is so worried about his reputation. To be more precise, the father of the star, first of all, wants not to whitewash his image and again return to custody of his daughter.

“It all depends on his social position. What’s stopping him from Spears’ statements? It’s one thing if he is a quiet pensioner, because suing is a very expensive pleasure. However, James was the producer of the singer, and this, in my opinion, explains everything. He feeds on it all his life. Lost the feeder and is now trying with all his might to get it back, ”he told 

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