Amid rumors of a conflict between Nicola Peltz and Victoria Beckham, 23-year-old Brooklyn got another tattoo in honor of his wife. However, this is not new either for the son of the ex-member of the Spice Girls, or for his beloved.

This time, a permanent drawing – Nikola’s eyes – appeared on Brooklyn’s neck. It is known that about a hundred tattoos already flaunt on his body, a significant part of which was made in honor of Peltz. Then PopCornNews decided to find out from a specialist what the heir to the star couple means by this.

“Perhaps he has such a state of“ protracted honeymoon ”, which he wants to emphasize in every possible way. In addition, as a child of famous parents, he is trying in every possible way to attract attention to himself, since he himself has not achieved anything yet. This is a real demonstration of one’s “selfhood”, ” psychologist Natalya Panfilova answered the portal .

But, continues Panfilova, the state of being in love does not last forever. 
Therefore, it is possible that Beckham Jr. will soon regret the current decisions.

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