One of the richest musicians in the world, Dr. Dre (Dr. Dre) left his daughter to the mercy of fate. The 56-year-old artist threw the heiress out into the street, leaving her homeless. Andre Romell Young built a successful career and never needed anything, but the relationship with his eldest daughter turned out to be difficult. 38-year-old Latanya Young literally found herself without money and with four children in her arms.

Now a woman cannot ask for help from a star father, since she communicates with him only through assistants. Until a certain point, representatives of Dr. Dre transferred small amounts to Latagnier, with which she could rent housing and support the children. Everything changed after Latanya mentioned the star father in the media – for the past 18 months she has not received a cent.

An unhappy mother with many children lives in poverty and has no opportunity to buy a house for herself. Young works in food delivery services and has to sleep in a rented car. Patch is in despair and literally does not know what to do, because very soon the SUV on which she works will be taken away due to debts, according to the Daily Mail .

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