Last January, as part of what would have been her 74th birthday, a virtual concert titled ” Bowie Celebration: Just for a Day “, in which dozens of artists performed various interpretations of some of the most notable songs from the career of rock icon David Bowie.

Yungblud, the British artist who began to gain traction in the alternative rock genre internationally, would perform at this event an interpretation of the theme ”  Life on Mars “, from the 1971 album ‘ Au poil ‘, in an event which also had the participation of Corey Taylor, Duran Duran, Taylor Hawkins , among others.

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The artist has now made his exceptional participation in the event available to his fans for the first time, which was broadcast on a “pay-per-view” basis. “I do merchandise launches with NASA and I have the right to release a cover of my favorite song by my favorite artist, have someone pinch me,” the singer said.

This cover was also recently performed by the POT in one of their most important events of the year. On February 18, the space agency successfully landed its new robot explorer Mars , which is called Perseverance and whose objective is to collect analysis samples and examine them for traces of life on the red planet.

Since the start of his career, Yungblud has placed a strong emphasis on maintaining a bond with his fans. During this week, through your official account at TIC Tac shared a revamped version of its “ Parents ” theme  which was done by a 19 year old fan.

Chloe noone , from the city of Liverpool , was invited by the artist to the Parr Street recording studios to do the Collaboration after selecting your name in a raffle with thousands of participants. The artist described the song as a kind of anthem made for his fans, which had a resurgence thanks to TIC Tac.

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In addition to her recent collaborations with KSI Yes Machine Gun Kelly , through her Youtube space ‘ The Yungblud Show ‘, the artist recently performed a duet ”  I agree”  alongside singer Avril Lavigne.

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