Justin Bieber’s wife is increasingly seen with a certain hairstyle. Hayley publishes photos of her with a careless scythe.

As hair stylist Yulia Obukhova noted , boho-style braids are more popular than ever today. They look best on medium to long hair.

“This style suggests a slight casualness. Therefore, no tight braids as in childhood. Hailey Bieber looks great in this hairstyle. And it only emphasizes the shine and well-groomed hair, ”she said.

Hailey Bieber

To achieve the same effect, you should try using hair smoothing products, as well as shine products, the expert continued.

“Braid not a tight braid, you can additionally pull out the strands a little, especially near the face. Use varnish, best with shine. You can additionally highlight the strands with wax, ”said Yulia Obukhova in an interview with news

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