American rapper Doji Cat asked Noah Schnapp to introduce her to actor Joseph Quinn. Young people know each other well, as they starred together in the film “Very strange things.”

In response, 17-year-old Schnapp published his correspondence with a girl on a social network. The audience was divided into two camps. Some considered the young man’s act unworthy, while others, on the contrary, blame Doji. It seems to them that the 26-year-old singer should not have involved an underage guy in amorous affairs.

Doji Cat hastened to publicly justify herself.

“I didn’t think there was anything special about my request. Now I’m very uncomfortable. I think that Schnapp did the wrong thing when he published our correspondence. I didn’t expect this from him. I hope he doesn’t always act like a snake,” Doji Cat was quoted as saying by INSIDER .

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