Life is Strange 3 has now been officially launched by Square Enix with a first trailer announced. It bears the name Life is Strange: True Colors and introduces a new protagonist with a whole new ability to the LiS world. The new Life is Strange is developed by the developers “Before the Storm” of Pont Neuf .

After that first photos supposedly Max Caulfield showed it from the first part, one thing is now certain: this is Alex Chen and she is literally the single most touching of all the characters known to date.

When will Life is Bizarre: Real nature be delivered? LiS 3 is celebrating its release this year on September 10, 2021 for the following platforms: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5, and Google Stadia .

What is Life is Bizarre 3: Genuine nature about?
As the announcement trailer reveals, this time players slip into the role of Alex Chen, a young woman who lives in the mystically beautiful small town Haven Springs lives, a unassuming community in the Colorado mountains. But the death of his brother Gabe shows what lies behind this idyllic little town. From there, the grueling adventure of LiS 3 begins.

Alex Chen’s Superpower: Empathy
In order to uncover the secrets of his brother’s supposed accident, Alex must use his alleged “curse”: his supernatural ability. It consists of Emotions other than colored auras to be able to perceive, absorb and even manipulate. This makes her extremely unpredictable and overwhelming superpower, like that first trailer of the game clearly shows:

More episodes, more of an open world
As Square Enix also announced, “Life is Strange: True Colors” will say goodbye to the format of the episode. The game will be released directly in September as a full adventure appear and only in five chapters be divided. Nevertheless, we remain faithful to certain mechanisms of the third LiS, such as the integration of LGBTQ + characters , the Dialogues with far-reaching decisions which is incredible atmospheric atmosphere and of course a little romance .

In True Colors, the bizarre Alex can seem to be between Ryan and Steph decide… Steph with artistic taste should already have Before the Storm as Chloe’s friend know:

At the same time, there appears to be something in the Game Universe in “Life is Strange: True Colors” more open and allowing players to explore the Haven Springs area more freely than ever before. Here even Side activities can be discovered which require a little more interactivity and thus break the linear structure of the first two parts.

Good music and German dubbing
Apparently we can look forward to a great Soundtrack again.We are thrilled, because already in the trailer we get a glimpse of the musical events that have always played an important role in the previous games in the series . We even see Alex pull out his own guitar.

In addition, some fans of the series “Life is Strange” with True Colors should be happy for the first time full German localization to experience without being constantly distracted by the subtitles.

Remaster of Life is Strange and LiS Before the Storm
In addition to announcing “Life is Strange: True Colors,” Square Enix also has a Remastered of Life is Strange 1 and the Before the Storm prequel announced, which will also be released in September on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S. In the True Colors Ultimate Edition the remastered versions of Life is Strange and LiS: Before the Storm are included directly, but can also be purchased individually.

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