Petros Filippidis was sentenced to pre-trial detention after his apology, while a short time ago he was transferred to the prisons of Tripoli. Shortly after the announcement of the news, the chairman of the disciplinary council of SEI, Paschalis Tsarouchas, made a statement of support to all the victims, and Lena Drosaki showed her support.

In particular, Lena Drosaki reposted on her personal instagram account the statement of Paschalis Tsarouchas which states: ” Since yesterday afternoon I accept the phone calls of the girls, of all the girls, who cry and thank us and say that they owe us. You owe nothing. “It was not what we experienced in the last months in front of your own nightmare, your own transcendence. We all thank you. For the courage, the confidence, the tears of joy. We love you very much and thank you. Until the end .”

On the republishing, Lena Drosaki rewarded Paschalis Tsarouchas and used three hashtags that carry important meanings. He wrote ” #metoogreece ” and ” #eimasteoloimazi ” in more detail .

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