‘Legends of Tomorrow’ will have an episode inspired by Baby Yoda

The sixth season has prepared a big surprise for all fans of ‘The Mandalorian’, as they will feature an episode completely inspired by Baby Yoda, also known as Grogu among fans. Without revealing a lot of details about it, it looks like the series will feature some animatronic that somehow mimics the lovable ‘Star Wars’ character.

However, not all will be peace and tenderness for the heroes of DC, as this character would end up altering the timeline they come to the point of completely altering Behrad Tarazi’s personality and origin story, so the team must look for the path. to retrieve the original version of your companion, according to information from ComicBook.

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This is not the first time the series has faced similar situations. The third season episode “Phone Home” features an alien sent to the past who encounters a child version of Atom (played by Brandon Routh) causing the hero’s death, so the team must find a way to fix this. situation.

According to Phil Klemmer, writer of the series, this new episode will focus on the character of Berahd, touching a little on his confident and reckless personality. “So we did this episode, which is almost our Baby Yoda episode, in the middle of the season. It features this adorable animatronic alien, who unfortunately isn’t as sweet as Baby Yoda. “

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After some delays caused by the pandemic, “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” will return to television with its sixth season on May 2. Unfortunately for fans, this will be the last season Dominic Purcell will play Heat Wave, who announced that his character will no longer be part of the seventh season after filing alleged disagreements with the producers.

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