In 2019, the actor sued his ex-assistant and demanded compensation of $ 6 million (about 5.3 million euros). The new details from De Niro’s indictment come from court documents that RadarOnline was able to access. For example, a letter has been submitted from the actor’s lawyer to Robinson. It states that she allegedly abused the credit card of De Niro’s production company Canal Productions several times, including to pay for expensive trips, restaurant visits and a dog sitter. In addition, the woman would have abused De Niro’s air miles(points or air miles that you can save, ed), worth 300,000 dollars (264,000 euros). The lawyer further alleges that Robinson used the card for Uber rides, new cell phones and flowers for her home. The original indictment also alleged that the woman watched excessive television during her working hours, including 55 episodes of ‘Friends’ in four days.

Graham Chase Robinson, former assistant to Robert De Niro © Photo News
Graham Chase Robinson, former assistant to Robert De Niro © Photo News

Robinson also sued De Niro in 2019  for verbal abuse and sexism . She demanded compensation of 12 million euros. The woman claimed that De Niro called her names and insulted her in the workplace. In addition, he is said to have addressed her in a hostile and intimidating manner on a regular basis, according to the court documents. The charges also alleged that De Niro drunkenly called her and ordered her to perform unwanted tasks, such as scratching his back and buttoning his shirts. 

Attempt to remain silent 

Robinson began working as a personal assistant to De Niro in 2008, and during her four-year tenure, worked her way up to Vice President of Production and Finance at Canal Productions. Robinson called the actor’s lawsuit an attempt to cover up her allegations of sexism and verbal abuse. The former employee therefore denies any allegations against her. Both cases are still ongoing.

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