Lera Kudryavtseva loves quality massage and can tell you all about it. TV presenter appreciates professionals hands and energy. In her opinion, the press force and a good aura of a person’s ability to relax, and even put to sleep.

“I don’t like baths, saunas, procedures, etc., but I’ve always loved massage,” Lera Kudryavtseva wrote on her Instagram.

The star decided to ask subscribers and friends how to properly start the massage: from the legs or from the back. Opinions differed, Larisa Guzeeva was especially categorical.

“The illiterate start with anything, but not with their feet. Then get up and leave – they will hurt you, ”the TV presenter wrote.

Popcornnews decided to settle the dispute between the stars by contacting a professional. Rehabilitation physician, candidate of medical sciences Alexander Shishonin explained how to distinguish a craftsman from an amateur and why Guzeeva is not quite right.

“If the massage therapist is professional, then you will be hurt when he does the massage. The second sign: a professional will not ask anything – he silently gropes everything with his hands, sees all the clamps. The massage is always started with the spine, it needs to be relaxed. If you knead your arms and legs first, they will not relax well, because you first need to remove all the clamps from the center – the spine, and then – the periphery, ”the specialist said.

Larisa Dolina was also noted in the discussion. It turned out that the singer was right, because she wrote that it is correct to start the massage only from the back.

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