At Leanna Markoglou hosted Thursday morning Faye garlic and George Liagos, days after the voluntary departure of Panos Kalidis from Survivor.

With the famous singer expected to return to Greece on Thursday afternoon, his wife was at “Breakfast” revealing what he told her in the phone call they had and the reasons that led to his voluntary departure from survival reality.Remaining Time-0:00FullscreenMute

As she initially said, the decision to leave voluntarily was something she expected when she saw her husband in this situation, while she stated that the repeated tensions with certain of his teammates, made his stay in Saint Dominic psychedelic. In fact, he shared what he confessed to her about how annoyed he was when his teammates did not allow him to participate in one of the last games, as he did not want to give his children the image of a “weak” dad.

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