It became known on Saturday that the American rapper DMX (50), whose real name is Earl Simmons, had been taken to hospital after a heart attack. His lawyer is now giving Page Six an update on his health. 

Attorney Murray Richman explains that DMX is still on a ventilator – despite previous reports that the rapper would be breathing on his own. DMX was taken to hospital Saturday afternoon after a heart attack. According to previous reports, that heart attack would have been the result of an overdose, but the lawyer does not want to confirm that. “I refuse to vouch for that because I personally don’t know about it”, it sounds. 

The lawyer does let you know that the rapper’s condition has not really improved. “It doesn’t look good,” it sounds concerned. TMZ also writes that family sources say that DMX was resuscitated for thirty minutes. The lack of oxygen during that period would have affected his brain. 

DMX is, however, surrounded by friends and family. “A lot of people gather in the hospital,” says Richman, including the rapper’s first wife and some of his 15 children are already in the hospital.

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