Those who have “extra” several tens of millions of dollars in store will soon be able to afford royal luxury. As it turned out, the yacht, with which the famous Princess Diana once flirted with the press, has survived to this day, and moreover, more than one lucky person will ride.

The fact is that the current owner of the ship, once known as Jonikal, a wealthy businessman Basim Haydar, put up the property of the former daughter-in-law of the British Queen for auction. He bought it last year but now says the 63-meter boat with 18 berths in nine cabins is too small for him. It is also known that inside the luxurious decoration, swimming pool, sauna, solarium, bar and office space.

Sales will begin as early as next month, however, what price the owner will set has not yet been reported. The yacht was previously sold for around $14 million. It is known that Diana traveled the Mediterranean on this ship a month before her death, writes Marie Claire .

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