Lady Gaga is perhaps one of the most innovative artists to have emerged in recent decades. His musical career began at a very young age. In his own words, it was his parents who instilled in him a taste for jazz, soul or rock artists, such as Bruce Spingsteen or the Beatles .

He was born on March 28, 1986 in New York to a family of Italian descent. However, her path to success, like many other celebrities, has not been easy.

The artist had to face various obstacles and even endure the contempt of her fellow college students, who repeatedly warned her that she would never be famous. The truth is, this prediction could not have been more badly made. It is because the singer has become one of the queens of contemporary pop in a very short time.

She knew how to make herself known not only for her music, but also for her eloquent and eccentric looks. Many will remember that famous meaty dress he wore to one of the MTV Video Music Awards . Lady Gaga dared everything, whatever the opinions of others.

Lady Gaga: what is the origin of her stage name

Despite its great popularity, not everyone knows where its stage name came from. The singer who turns 35 today is called Stefanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta Yes the nickname with which she is known has arisen in a very casual way. In the mid-2000s, Gaga was working at a concert hall in Manhattan, singing the famous song from What Radio Gaga was.

That way, on the spot, they started calling her Gaga and then they added the lady . Years later and, on the verge of becoming famous, a producer suggested that she use this name on her album.

Already with the nickname Lady Gaga, the singer began to cement an unprecedented journey and with truly original scenes. You might have wondered what her most eccentric videos are, and well the list goes on. These are some of those that will be remembered by the public for decades to come.

What are the singer’s best videos


From her debut album Celebrity , released in 2008, came out this song called Paparazzi . C With a wardrobe of note, Lady Gaga has already shown that she has come to music to stay forever. In addition, this music video has the participation, until this moment, of an unknown Alexander Skarsgard.


This video is almost 9 minutes long and was produced by Steven Klein. It was released in 2010 and some music critics compared it to Vogue , the mythical Madonna theme .

Born like this

A song entirely dedicated to self-love and self-acceptance as we are. Born like this He has received several accolades, although it is also linked to another music video of Madonna. In this case, it was Express Yourself.

Millions of reasons

For your Joanne album , Lady Gaga released one of her deepest themes, Millions of Reasons . In the video clip, it is shown how difficult the life of an artist can be. With little makeup, a pink costume, the artist enjoys not only singing but also playing the guitar.

If, as a singer, she has a solid career, in recent years, the performer has changed course or, at least, transformed her career. After her role in A Star Is Born Near Bradley Cooper, Gaga admitted that she always felt like an actress and that was what she wanted to do.

For this performance, she was nominated for an Oscar for “Best Actress” and allowed her to work with Ridley Scott today on her new film titled House of Gucci , starring Adam Driver, Jared Leto and Al Pacino.

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