It was TMZ who first spread the rumor, claiming that sources with “direct knowledge and connection to both Kylie and Travis” said the two were pairing up again, but “leaving each other free to date other people.” A creamy gossip that the Daily Mail is only too happy to indulge in. Earlier this week, he titled an article on ‘Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend Travis Scott rediscover their romance (but are now in an open relationship). An assumption that Kylie Jenner clearly disagrees with. “You just make everything up,” tweeted the 23-year-old. “I have nothing against people with open relationships, but it is just careless and disrespectful to send this story out into the world without knowing if it is true.”

Travis and Kylie already broke up in 2019 because the two each had their own vision of the future. While Kylie wanted to settle down and look forward to a second child – the two have three-year-old daughter Stormi Webster together – Travis just wanted to enjoy his younger years now that Stormi was getting older. Yet the two are still regularly seen together. “Travis and I are on good terms and our main focus at the moment is Stormi. Our friendship and our daughter is the priority, ”Kylie once said. 

Jenner only denied open relationship gossip in her tweets, leaving many fans hoping that the two are dating again. 

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