On July 13, on the TV channel “Shocking HD”, the audience was presented with the winner of the Cannes Film Festival – the film “Personal Shopper”. The main role in the film went to the famous Bella from Twilight, actress Kristen Stewart.

Briefly about the plot. American Maureen (played by Kristen) lives in Paris and designs celebrity clothes. But the material world fades into the background when the girl begins to communicate with the spirit of her recently deceased brother. And then she gets strange anonymous messages on her mobile.

Filming of the thriller began in autumn 2015 in Paris. It is known that the start of the project coincided with the tragedy that occurred in the French capital: in November of the same year, a series of terrorist attacks took place, the victims of which were 130 people. According to Stewart herself, it is still painful for her to review the thriller filmed in the city where such a heinous crime was committed.

The film directed by Olivier Assayas was nominated for the Palme d’Or at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, and Assayas also received a personal statuette for best director at the film forum. The French film was also appreciated by critics, who pointed to the perfect combination of intimate drama, thriller and fantasy. Due to all these factors, the film came out a little strange and disturbing, capable of surprising, writes tvmag .

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