Konstantina Spyropoulou has been in the spotlight of several publications, since in the midst of quarantine and traffic ban, she chooses to travel both inside and outside the country.

The presenter was invited to comment on the interview given by Dimitris Ungarezos on Saturday afternoon, when he was invited to “Better is not possible”.Remaining Time-0:00FullscreenMute

Among other things, he commented on the statement he had made, describing the presenter as “unconscious”.

Specifically, he said: “I do not change a word about what I have said about Konstantina. As for what people will say, she plays her violin and we are not interested” with Costas Tsouros saying: “The ear does not sweat of “

And Dimitris Ungarezos continued, saying: “Well done, Costa, I was looking for this phrase. Her ear does not sweat. I’m talking about you doing a job. The three pillars of the media are information, information, entertainment. and you do not care about that opinion, in any case you do not make your public speech so that it goes the other way, then you do not do your job well “.

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