Konstantina Spyropoulou is in Naxos with her partner, Vassilis Stathakostopoulos, for the last few days, where she is enjoying her vacation shortly before her return to the bustling Athens.

Through the news she shares with her online friends on Instagram, the happiness on her face is clearly visible. And why not be happy after all, since she is going through one of the best periods in her professional and personal life.

So in the recent images she uploaded, she poses in a beautiful corner of an alley in Naxos and shows off her super-groomed body. She has stated that she managed with a coordinated effort to lose 11 whole kilos and gain the body she has always dreamed of – and the best, without deprivation.

In all the photos she is wearing a tiny bikini and a mini pareo that show off her attractive curves in the best way.

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