Konstantina Michael was a guest of Grigoris Arnaoutoglou on “The 2night Show”. The glamorous actress gave an interview referring to both her professional and personal life.

At this moment in her life she has dedicated herself to her business, while for the time of her absence she stated: ” I work a lot. There was a period when I was out, not only me. Do not forget that at some point we stop anyway, showbiz is not “Something fixed. We are not public, the other person is bored with you, you are also bored, as if I will do something else “.

The discussion proceeded in person. Konstantina Michael expressed her views on love and romance. She accepts any misdemeanors if there is a real feeling: ” If your man loves you and is your man, let him do an infidelity. He renews the relationship “.

Finally, Konstantina Michael revealed that it has happened that the work has worked negatively on her personal life. ” A man has left my life because I am an actor. My life, my theory, my lifestyle was strange, ” he said, adding to the camera with a hint of humor: ” You did not love me, you did not love me .”

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