Jennifer Lopez shared a difficult story about her youth.

Recently, Netflix released a documentary called Halftime (“Half”), which tells about the life of a famous singer. In it, Jay Lo spoke about her difficult path to fame. In addition, she shared her childhood memories.

The singer paid special attention to the relationship with her mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez. The woman always wanted Lopez and her two sisters to achieve great success, so she always had high expectations and demands. Because of this, conflicts sometimes broke out between them.

One day, J. Lo’s mother set a condition for her daughter – she demanded that she get an education if she wanted to continue living in her house. After that, the young pop diva quarreled with her parent and left home at night.

Guadalupe Rodriguez does not deny that she could sometimes go too far. However, the woman did this only for the benefit of her daughters.

“I was not the perfect mother. But I can say that everything I did, I did for their benefit, ”she admitted.

Jay Lo, in turn, noted that her relationship with her mother was not the easiest. But over the years, she was able to understand her.

“Mom did what she had to do to survive and it made her strong but also tough. She knocked all the crap out of me, ”the pop diva frankly told in the film about her life.

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