Kim Kardashian could not hold back her tears at a meeting with ex-husband Kanye West in Los Angeles. The American television personality burst into tears when she met her former lover in her hotel room, who had a pleasant surprise for her – an intimate video. The footage, dated 2002, shows Kim herself and her ex-boyfriend Ray Jay.

It is worth noting that Kanye first appeared in a reality about the Kardashian family. At the beginning of the series, it turned out that Kim’s reputation was in jeopardy: Jay could leak a sex video with her to the Network. The TV star even hired a lawyer to deal with the offender according to the law.

However, it did not reach the court. The noble ex-husband took the record from Jay and brought it to his ex-wife, which earned not only the approval of the ex-lover’s family, but also the multimillion-dollar public.

“Kanye did this not only for me, but also for my children. I want to protect them from everything in my power. I’m so emotional because it means too much to me, ”Kim opened up.

However, there was nothing “criminal” on the record. According to one of the Kardashian sisters, there were no intimate shots on the film, writes DailyMail.

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