Although Kim and Kanye say they ‘broke up as friends’, communication is difficult. “They do talk to each other, but only if they really have to”, it sounds to friends of the couple. “Although Kim always answers when he calls, they only talk about the children or professional matters.” Kanye is still a co-parent of their four children, but he would not have seen his offspring very often lately. “He receives them at his ranch in Wyoming or visits California, but it’s just when it suits him. Kim can be annoyed by that. ” 

“Kim and Kanye used to be together. It feels strange that after seven years of marriage they have to find their way without each other. That’s why it’s hard to stay friends. They never just chat with each other, there must be a concrete reason to talk to each other. The periods in which they don’t hear each other are getting longer and longer, and all their friends fear that they will soon cut off all contact. ”

According to insiders, both Kim and Kanye are willing to find an arrangement that works for everyone. “Especially for the children. If they hadn’t been there, their parents would already be strangers to each other right now. ” 

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