Jodie Comer, remembered by the audience for the main role in the TV series Killing Eve, will play in a new thriller about survival. The picture was called “Start from the end.”

The script of the thriller is based on the book by the writer Megan Hunter. According to the plot, in flooded London after the tsunami, a mother with a newborn child is trying to survive and find a safe place. Deadline writes about it .

Emmy and BAFTA award-winning British actress Jodie Comer rose to fame with the action-adventure series Killing Eve, in which she played Oksana, the ruthless Russian assassin behind the name Villanelle. This role even influenced Comer’s personal life. Jodie admitted that when meeting guys, many are embarrassed and even afraid of her.

The actress in Killing Eve speaks very good Russian. As a child, Comer and his father learned a few phrases while watching TV. The Englishwoman also speaks several other European languages, including German and Italian.

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