The issue of harassment has gained a lot of notoriety in the media in recent years, so fortunately or unfortunately more and more public figures are encouraged to express their personal experiences in the matter. This is the case of British actress Keira Knightley, who pointed out that every woman she meets has been the victim of harassment at some point in her life.

In a conversation with Harper’s Bazaar, Knightley commented, “I love that politician who said there should be a curfew for men and the men were outraged then you think there is a cover. -fire for women and there always has been. “.

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When asked if she was bullied on her own, Knightley said, “Yeah, I mean everyone has. “” I literally don’t know anyone who hasn’t been somehow exposed, groped or a guy saying he said he was going to cut your throat or hit you in the face or anything else, someone has already done that. “.

Knightley describes the situation as “pretty darn depressing,” adding the following: I don’t even know. I do not even think about it. “

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Last January, Keira Knightley gave her opinion on the “male gaze”, arguing that she would now only film intimate sequences in the cinema or on television when a woman directs the project. It was during an interview with director Lulu Wang and journalist Diane Solway for the “Chanel Connects” podcast that she revealed that she felt uncomfortable posing nude in front of “a group of men. “.

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