The Hollywood star has gone through a bitter divorce.

Sandra Bullock is a successful actress and a happy mother, but on the personal front, the star does not go well. She was credited with novels with the first handsome men of Hollywood: Matthew McConaughey, Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans. Keanu Reeves also looked after the star, the star of The Matrix gave her flowers, but nothing came of it. The 57-year-old celebrity was married only once, but the marriage ended in betrayal and resentment.

In 2005, the actress signed with TV presenter and motorcycle manufacturer Jesse James. A few years later, it turned out that the biker had been cheating on his wife with a porn actress for a year. Bullock learned about her husband’s infidelity from newspaper articles. In 2010, the marriage fell apart.

The Hollywood star admitted that she had always dreamed of having children, but she could not give birth herself. With James, they dreamed of adopting a boy. Although Bullock experienced the betrayal hard, she did not back down from her dream and took the baby from the orphanage. Five years later – in 2015 – a child’s crying rang out again in the celebrity’s house – the celebrity adopted a three-year-old black girl named Leila.

In 2019, the press wrote about Bullock’s new novel. She began dating Brian Randall. The photographer became a father for Bullock’s children, and the actress herself noted more than once that she was very happy with a new man, but she was not ready to marry: once she had already been badly burned and did not want to experience pain again.

Sandra Bullock

“I know what divorce is. And I found the love of my life. We have two beautiful children, no, three – Brian has a daughter. And nothing could be better. I don’t want to say that everyone does what I do, but I don’t need a stamp in my passport to be a devoted partner and caring mother, ”the celebrity is quoted by Entertainment Tonight .

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