The whole country is experiencing quite difficult hours in the last 24 hours with the fires that affect several areas of Greece. In fact, the fire that broke out in Attica destroyed the animal shelter created by Katrina Tsantali.

The businesswoman and author of children’s books has not hidden her intense animal-friendly activity and so she had built an animal shelter in Polydendri. She revealed in a post that this area was destroyed, however the animals are all well because they had saved them earlier.

“Our shelter officially no longer exists. Our animals are in a safe place and that matters. We have no words right now. The only sure thing is that we will do it all again. We are concentrating on saving as many other animals as we can. Thank you all for “I pray for all of us, that this nightmare will pass soon. Good strength and good luck. Katrina” , Katrina Tsantali wrote characteristically.

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