Their participation in the X-Factor was the occasion for a wonderful collaboration and a fresh arrangement of the song “I don’t care” by the band Melisses.

The music producer Borek with over 12 years in the music industry with his original participation in the X-Factor and his successful course in the competition meets Katerina Lazaridou musically.

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Katerina Lazaridou is the winner of this year’s X-Factor and known from the online platform Tik Tok, where she shares her music with her followers.

The two artists found themselves in the same group on the music show X-Factor, under the guidance of their favorite mentor, Christos Mastoras, whose favorite song they cover. They join their voices in this cover, which is about to become this summer’s new hit, and will have us hooked and singing on repeat.

The song was released on July 8 on Borek’s YouTube channel and has received over 140 thousand views and hundreds of positive comments. Borek is responsible for the unique orchestration, which blends harmoniously with Katerina’s pop voice.

This collaboration seems to be the trigger they were looking for in order for the general public to know and love them more. The road that opens in front of them seems
to be full of light and the path they will take on the music scene is very long.

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