On Dot’s couch. Katerina Gagaki sat down and talked about her life, the loss of her parents, but also about her desire to adopt a child.

She first referred to the loss of her parents, saying: “My mom’s death was not the end of an era, maybe because it had a process and it was gradual and we lived it. My dad’s death was disorienting because at this age it is not strange. There I lost them. He leveled me when the time started to pass. He forces me to build the house to stay. But it is also a starting point. As bad as it sounds, it was pain and relief. It is a breath because you are free and now you are responsible for yourself. yours “.

He even referred to the unfortunate incident that happened on the show of Giorgos Liagas on SKAI, saying: “It depends on how much you think you have exceeded your limits and yourself and what you did to correct it. I have reached this stage and there is nothing else I want to live for. Of course, I discover over time that dignity can be a big trap, as one interprets it. I interpret, not how others interpret it, I find it equally dignified to follow a reason you have given and do not shake everything in the air, to leave the next morning.Obviously it cost me professionally, it is obvious – in local government I mean. It was not an easy period. “

About her desire to adopt a child, she said: “I have said publicly that I want to adopt a child and that I did some first legal research. Everything they told me about all these things should be arranged in a way that almost never “I did not think so I am in the process of looking at it. A little, it scared me.”

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