Only subscribers of the Apple Music service could watch the exclusive broadcast of Kanye West, and viewers from Russia were not the most fortunate: there was no opportunity to watch the stream from our country.

For the past two weeks – since the July presentation – the artist has literally been living in a tiny studio at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. The finalization of the work on the new album was carried out there. Before the concert itself, on the broadcast, viewers could watch Kanye lift dumbbells, do push-ups, chat with friends and just sit on the bed.

Among the rapper’s guests were Vic Mensa, Chance The Rapper, Steve Lace and West’s producer Mike Dean. There was no sound on the stream, and there was a clock on the wall opposite the camera, counting down until noon on August 6, when the album was supposed to appear on all streaming sites.

This isn’t Kanye’s first broadcast of its kind. The previous one took place on July 22 and was held in anticipation of the release of the same album. However, the rapper decided to postpone the release in order to improve the quality of the material.

Several new tracks have appeared on the current stream, one of which was dedicated to The Weeknd. There are also collaborations with Lil Durk and Lil Yachty. Like last time, the release did not take place again, but the audience could watch an enchanting show, at the end of which West in a new outfit from Balenciaga soared up, supported by straps. Despite the fact that the album has not yet been released, pre-order is already available on Apple Music, with different release dates for different regions – August 7 and 9.

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