Kaia Gerber This is one of the most famous models of the last generation. As well as Kendall Jenner, Gigi Yes Bella Hadid , the 19-year-old occupies a very important place on the most popular catwalks in the world. In fact, she has already walked for high fashion brands such as Alexander McQueen , Chanel, Prada, Valentino, Versace , among many others. It is not for less. Is Kaia the youngest daughter of Cindy Crawford , the former American model who wowed audiences in the 90s with her good looks.

However, unlike Crawford, Gerber has recently shown a greater interest in acting. He participated in music videos and also in a TV movie. But that’s not all. In the coming months, it will make a great start in the series of Ryan Murphy , American Horror Story: Double feature , which is still in post-production. However, very recently, Kaia confirmed her dating with actor Jacob Elordi from The Kissing Booth.

Now, what’s undeniable is how Kaia is increasingly similar to Cindy. Years go by and they are almost twins, not only physically but also because of their looks and dress style. Stay there because these photos confirm it.

Kaia Gerber’s resemblance to her mother Cindy Crawford

5. His style

(Photo: Getty Images)

From a young age, Cindy and Kaia developed a very good taste in the choice of clothes for their outfits. For them, the preset doesn’t matter much, but they know how to play with colors to form different types of looks.

4. Her smile

(Photo: Getty Images)

Undoubtedly, mother and daughter share an almost identical smile which, despite having different hairstyles or looks, the resemblance is truly indisputable.

3. Black, his favorite color

(Photo: Getty Images)

On the other hand, black, a classic among sophisticated and evening looks, is the favorite of Kaia and Cindy. They both know how to wear total black and look gorgeous.

2. Natural makeup

(Photo: Getty Images)

Neither is a fan of strong or opaque colors for makeup. In fact, on more than one occasion they have been seen with nude, matte or super light tones.

1. Hair

(Photo: Getty Images)

Finally, Cindy and Kaia chose to show their hair as is. Brown with some highlights, yes, but super natural. Plus, both wear their hair with movement and a lot of style.

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