The composer of the soundtrack of ‘Godzilla against Kong’ , Junkie XL shared was the first main theme focused on Gojira .

Effectively a prepared writer of soundtracks for motion pictures activity, Addict XL was liable for making the music for ‘Godzilla against Kong’ , up to say that the film needs “bigger drums of the planet .”

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Now fans can enjoy the first look at the work of Junkie XL , who shared the main character theme of Godzilla .

The subject is named, ‘Pensacola, Florida (Godzilla Theme)’ letting it be seen Gojira will be the villain of the story when he faces Kong on the tape.

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For the time being, fans should stand by until sometime later. March 31 , when ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ access the HBO Max platform .

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