Julia Nova is very happy with Michalis’ partner, while as the beloved girl on the wheel announced, the two of them intend to formalize their relationship with the bonds of marriage. Julia Nova spoke to Sasa Stamati and the Secret of the parapolitics about how she feels about this pleasant outcome, but also about how the marriage proposal was made.

In particular, Julia Nova appeared excited in the statements while she also mentioned when their wedding will take place. The beauty claimed that the situation is complicated due to the pandemic for this and they will wait for the right time. ” I am getting married and I am very happy. The wedding will not be late, but we want to see first how things will be with the pandemic. The only sure thing is that it will take place in a very closed family and friendly circle. We want to enjoy it and live it. to the fullest, “the model said.

Julia Nova then described the marriage proposal she accepted, admitting that when she said the coveted yes, she could not hold back her tears: “Michalis is the man of my life. The marriage proposal was made a while ago. I had suspected something, because he had been betrayed by some questions he had asked me. I thought that the proposal would be made sooner, but it had taken a toll that I understood what he was going to do, as a result of which the scene constantly changed. We went to the place where we had gone for the first time. Before taking out the monolith, he asked me: “Will you marry me?” I smiled too, because I thought he did not mean it. Then he took out the monolith and said to me for the second time: “Will you marry me?”. At first, I took his ring to tease him, smiled at him, cried and kissed him. And so… Yes, I do was sealed “.

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