Jos Verlooy’s goal in ‘The Container Cup was clear: to prove that riders are also top athletes. A top time was not there, but Verlooy nevertheless settled with some prejudices. After all, many people suggest that the horse should make the effort and not the rider. Verlooy: “I have shown that riders really do have a decent condition. The clincher that the horse does almost everything is bluntly blunt. It’s about the right balance between physical and mental preparedness.

Equestrian sports have become a lot more professional in recent years. According to Verlooy, there used to be an overweight rider at the start of a competition, but that is no longer the case. “Just look at all the top riders: they are slim and trained,” says Verlooy. “Nutrition is important. Not that I follow a sports diet, but I try to avoid fats as much as possible.

The training work that a rider performs is also not to be underestimated. Not only the horse needs to be trained. It is extremely important that the rider is also in top form. “Of course my training intensity is not that of a Wout Van Aert. It would be ridiculous to say such a thing, but when I start running, it is usually about 6 kilometers at a brisk pace ”, says Verlooy. “When I go cycling on the road, I try to cover about 30 kilometers, again at a brisk pace. And when I am abroad for a competition, you will also find me at least one or two days in the gym of the hotel for an hour. ”

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