News of the documentaries comes a few weeks after the UK Supreme Court ruling. At the end of March, the court announced that the lawsuit that the actor had filed against The Sun and his ex Amber Heard will not be reopened. A heavy blow to the actor and it seems that his last setbacks are not over yet. Rumors have it that his ‘downfall’ will soon be cast in three different documentaries. The production of the various parts is said to be in full swing, both in the United States and the United Kingdom. It would also be a collaboration between Optomen and ITV.

Sensational story

“It will be quite dramatic for Johnny Depp, because he just wants this disaster to disappear from the spotlight. But the story of how a multi-millionaire is responsible for his own demise is just too sensational not to explore, ”said a source in British newspaper The Sun.

Indeed, the entire feud with Amber Heard has already been disastrous for Depp. The lawsuit alone has already cost him a lot of money. After losing the first case, he already had to cough up $ 861,000 (about 719,000 euros) and after the decision of the British Supreme Court, another serious bill is coming his way. His bank account has already had a very difficult time, but the American actor has also suffered a lot of image damage. For example, he has lost his role in the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ saga and his future in the film industry is also quite uncertain at the moment.

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