The prominent role of Johnny Depp in a Tim Burton film may well fade in the face of the work of Paul King. In “Wonka” Timati Shalam will have to dance and sing on the screen for the first time in his life, and, judging by the first photo, getting into the image turned out to be one hundred percent.

Chalamet looks into the distance with a mysterious look, and the audience can appreciate his costume in detail. A bard jacket, a neckerchief, a top hat, striped pants – one on one with the image of Depp in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, which means that the prequel will follow the canon set by Tim Burton.

Fans in the comments appreciated Shalame’s first fitting of Wonka’s image and admitted that the young actor looks great. However, as in all his films of recent years:

“Johnny Depp at maximum speed. It’s good that those ugly glasses are missing! “,” We need a crossover between Chalamet and Depp in this movie. Immediately ”,“ Shalamet tore everyone up this year ”.

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