If, after Valhalla, you crave more Viking adventures, don’t forget the Song of Iron release date .

The Nordic setting is quite fashionable lately. The Vikings series was a great success and confirmed a spin off some time ago, while in the world of video games, in addition to the Ubisoft title, we also appreciated Valheim. Now with the upcoming release of Song of Iron, our plunder can continue.

And thankfully, we won’t have to wait too long, as new work from Escape LLC and Resting Relic will be released in just over a month. Concretely, next August 31 will be the one where Xbox and PC users can get it.

With Song of Iron we are faced with a 2.5D action video game with a viking theme. Its particular style is inevitably reminiscent of the great Deadlight, although seeing it in motion other works such as Limbo or Inside also come to mind.

But if there is anything remarkable about this freelance work, it is that it is done by one person. Veteran Joe Winter is in charge of all development, and so far things are looking great.

From what we can see, the title embraces without complexes everything related to Nordic mythology and folklore. In this way throughout the adventure, we will find a lot of blood and violence, enemies of all kinds and many supernatural elements.

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