Jennifer Lopez

Recently married Jennifer Lopez quickly found a common language with the children of her husband Ben Affleck. Now the actress prefers to spend time not with her own daughter, 14-year-old Emma, ​​but with her husband’s heiress, 16-year-old Violet.

J. Lo went on a shopping trip in the company of her stepdaughter. First, the two of them walked through the boutiques in Beverly Hills, then dined at a restaurant, and then wandered around the city for a while, chatting animatedly. At the end of the walk, Lopez was so imbued with confidence in Violet that she allowed her to drive her car.

Apparently, in her husband’s daughter, the singer found a friend whom she dreamed of. But with his own heiress, Lopez cannot talk about women’s secrets. Indeed, recently Emma declared her non-binary and demanded to refer to her through the pronoun “they”, writes .

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