Several tabloids have claimed in recent days that the American actress, who became famous for her role as Rachel Green in the iconic series ‘Friends’, would adopt a child. “ Jen worked for a while in ‘Casa Hogar Sion’, an orphanage in Mexico. She has decided to adopt a girl, ”a source told ‘Closer’.

The actress reportedly revealed her plans while filming the ‘Friends’ reunion in Los Angeles. “ Jen felt the reunion was the perfect time to share her baby news with the whole gang,” the source continued. Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow were already aware, because the women from ‘Friends’ see each other regularly. But now Jen has also told the men. ” The six protagonists of ‘Friends’ spent three days together last week while recording the reunion.

The Mirror has now contacted Aniston’s entourage, who denies the news. Jennifer Aniston’s ‘baby bomb’ at the ‘Friends’ reunion never happened. The story is a fabrication and false. ”

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