Ivi Adamou shone on the set of “The 2night Show” and opened her heart to the television audience. The beloved singer met Grigoris Arnaoutoglou and talked about Michalis Kouinelis, the fruit of their love for the little East, but also their new life away from Athens.

Initially, this year her daughter went to kindergarten for the first time, and this was a moving and stressful moment for her: ” Obviously I was moved but I felt anxious a few days ago. I felt like I had something, but I did not know what. I left her outside, I realized that this eats me, that I will leave her alone in a foreign environment “.Remaining Time-0:00FullscreenMute

Did her life change? Certainly motherhood influenced her characteristics. Specifically, Ivi Adamou said: ” My phobias have increased. I used to be relaxed. Now I get on the plane, and it ‘s not that I’m afraid of the plane, but I’m away from my daughter, my husband. If I’m suffering? Is that what I’m thinking? “.

Then the discussion went to her life partner Michalis Kouinelis. Ivi Adamou expressed her love in her own beautiful way. His acquaintance with her parents happened years before they became a couple, and since then they have been friends. Even if they did not, Ivi would not count.

” I do not talk about Michalis. I wanted this man in my life for all the reasons you mentioned and for so many others that I discover every day. He has a fist, a word, he is protective. He is as he should be, ” Ivi Adamou underlined.

The two of them together with Anatoli have decided to build their life away from Athens, more quietly in Alexandroupolis. Ivi Adamou described to Grigoris that they were led to this decision.

” It was our joint decision. Michael always do this thing, you ask” What would you like? “. Only by this you enter the process to think about it. When it comes to child to give up and say” Who will live better child “We put it down and said that the best place for us and our child is Alexandroupolis. We coordinated perfectly and I think we did it right. I love Alexandroupolis. Due to work we do not feel winter ” he told the ANT1 presenter.

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