Ruby Rose’s departure took place almost a year and a half ago, but the actress decided to talk about the reasons only now. And she did it only in Instagram stories:

“Dear The CW, I’ve had enough. I will tell the whole world what happened on that set. I will speak out against you so that nothing like this happens to anyone else. To uncover the truth and finally return to a quiet life. Be ashamed. “

According to the actress, Peter Roth, the former head of WarnerBros., Demanded that the girls “iron his trousers in the groin area” and even hired a private detective to spy on Rose. She also stated that due to the filming of Batwoman, she suffered a serious neck injury, which exacerbated past health problems and required surgery.

But the producers refused to change the filming schedule and accused the girl of “letting everyone else down”, because of which many could be fired. As a result, she was required to go to work 10 days after a serious operation. And since she was not allowed to drive, and the CW company refused to provide a company car, the producers asked Ruby to order a taxi.

At the end, Ruby Rose said that she would not return to the show even at gunpoint, Deadline reports . Therefore, another actress appeared in the role of Katie Kane in the second season. And after a few hours, WarnerBros. responded on their Instagram to the accusations. Studio officials said they fired Rose for her workplace behavior. Without any details.

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