Johnny Depp, through his lawyer, clearly hinted that he did not intend to recover money from his ex-wife. The main result of the process is the restoration of the actor’s honest name.

Journalist Denis Sorokin believes that American people are noticeably different from the Russians, so it is impossible to trace the motives of the star to the end. Moreover, a whole team of professionals works for Johnny Depp. They calculate scenarios many steps ahead.

The expert is sure of one thing: the dirt after the trial, pouring from both sides, cannot be washed off by anything. Even such noble deeds.

“No one can be rehabilitated after the process. This is such dirt that they cannot be washed off by anything – neither one nor the second, ”the expert told the PopCornNews portal.

If Amber Heard had won the process, it would never have occurred to her to forgive her ex-husband, the journalist believes.

“She wouldn’t forgive because she is such a shark. She would have squeezed all the juice out of him, as in fact, she did when she started to say all this, ”the expert summed up the disappointing result.

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