Kim Kardashian got into trouble trying to prove that she eats healthy food. Recently, a celebrity posted a photo of her breakfast on social networks. It turned out that the first meal of the TV personality is far from ideal.

On Kim’s plate are several kinds of fruit. The star had no other products for breakfast. A fruit smoothie bowl of bananas, mangoes, strawberries and a small handful of nuts – this is how the diva is energized in the morning.

Kim Kardashian screenshot

Nutritionist Yevgeny Arzamastsev believes that this approach to nutrition is not entirely correct. And it’s not just that you can’t get enough of such a breakfast. An excess of fruits during the morning meal can harm the body.

“In the morning, mostly fruit is undesirable. It is a great source of glucose. This is a plus if its level is low. An excess amount of fructose cannot be absorbed by the liver in one meal. Fruit for breakfast can be used as a supplement – this is normal. Conventionally, half an apple for porridge. But a large amount of fruits and berries without additional carbohydrates is not very useful, ”said the nutritionist.

Also, the specialist told what should be the right breakfast. It is desirable that the first meal consisted of protein or complex carbohydrates. It is best to choose porridge for long cooking, rather than instant cooking, the expert recalled.

“First of all, complex carbohydrates, high-quality cereals. Or a light protein – an omelette, for example. And some fruit. The amount must be selected individually, each person has his own diet, ”the nutritionist shared with the News portal.

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