In November, Anna Netrebko was scheduled to perform at the Vienna Opera, but she abruptly canceled everything. The 50-year-old artist had to undergo surgery due to “excruciating pains” in her shoulder, which jeopardized her future performances in Milan, Prague and London.

Netrebko did not name the diagnosis, because the PopCornNews portal asked the neurologist Sergei Length to explain why the scene star is most likely suffering.

“We can talk about arthritis of the shoulder joint. This is a constant inflammatory process that requires careful treatment and a certain discipline when performing remedial gymnastics, which is done after the patient feels better. If we talk about the reasons, then stress is one of the most powerful factors. Anna will return to concert activities, everything will be fine. This is not even a disease, but a condition that, in the conditions of modern medicine, is treated both with the help of various types of surgical intervention, and without. But in each case, the doctor looks at the patient’s condition, ”the expert said.

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