Many suspect that Kim Kardashian has recently become obsessed with Marilyn Monroe. The star managed to try on two dresses of the actress, and also dyed her hair from a burning brunette to an ashy blond.

Psychologist Andrei Zberovsky , in a conversation with PopCornNews, recalled that Kim is primarily a media person. So, she will always do everything that is necessary to attract maximum attention.

In the case of Kardashian, the specialist noted that we are talking about a multiplier effect. The star is trying to “flatten” her fans along with Monroe fans. There is no talk of any obsession.

“She’s trying to get more of a follower effect. Kardashian expands her fan base in this way, it is actually a common practice for singers to copy images. There is no question of not accepting oneself here, ”said the psychologist.

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