Little is known about the chosen one of the Eurovision 2021 winner David Maniano. However, many would like to be in her place.

The lead singer of the Måneskin group was credited with an affair with bassist Victoria de Angelis, but it turned out that the singer had been dating 26-year-old Italian model Georgia Soleri for four years. However, the couple announced their relationship only last year.

Screenshot “Georgia Soleri” / social networks

Georgia is three years older than her chosen one. The singer’s lover is a successful model and influencer. The girl has already managed to work with several popular Italian magazines, and now she is actively blogging on the social network. The blogger tells fans about fashion, his life and travels. But Damiano practically does not appear in her publications. However, this does not mean that they broke off relations. Now the couple is resting in Rome.

In addition, Georgia is actively engaged in writing – most recently, she released her collection of poems and held a presentation of the book.

  “Georgia Soleri” / social networks

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