Friends star Jennifer Aniston announced the title of the film, for which she still feels ashamed. 52-year-old ex-wife of Brad Pitt managed to replenish her personal filmography with dozens of films. She tried herself in different roles, many of which gave the actress wild popularity.

However, participation in one film Aniston still cannot forgive herself. In an interview for InStyle, the actress confessed: if she had the opportunity to forget about this project forever, she would have done it long ago.

“The worst movie is Leprechaun. There are many pictures that you think about: “God, it was horror. How am I going to live with it later? So embarrassing!” But this film is really the first on such a list, ”she said.

Mark Jones project was released in 1993. Aniston appeared in it as a teenage girl haunted by a character from Irish folklore (Warwick Davis). The monster is sure that she stole his pot of gold and should be punished.

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