Dr. Andrey Andrievsky warned the relatives of the singer Marina Abrosimova about the sad consequences of the coronavirus. Recently it became known that MakSim regained consciousness after being in a coma for a month. The singer even managed to talk with loved ones and contact her daughters via video link.

It would seem that the situation is getting better, and very soon fans will be able to see Abrosimova on stage again. But the story turned out to be more complicated. Andrievsky said that MakSim may never return to singing.

“With a coronavirus infection, mucus is formed in the alveoli, the tissue of the lungs, where gas exchange directly takes place, which completely clogs them and disrupts gas exchange. This state can be compared to the state of “drowning”, as if water were in the lungs. Thus, the person cannot breathe. A critical state is coming, “he explained to Moskovsky Komsomolets .

The singer’s release from a coma does not mean that further MakSim will feel good.

“After a coronavirus infection, the alveoli die, a person can become disabled. Will not be able to sing and endure heavy physical activity. For a while, or maybe forever, we will have to forget about the singing career, ”he stated.

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